Company Introduction

LIBO HEAVY INDUSTRIES SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was established in 2005. It is a large international group equipment manufacturer in the field of bulk material conveying in China with the largest scale, high technology, complete product service and powerful comprehensive strength. The products are exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Australia, Russia, India, Vietnam,Indonesia, Philippines and Sierra Leone.


Business Scope:

1.Mining Equipment

LIBO has the ability to design and manufacture equipment for crushing, grinding, classification, magnetic separation, flotation, filtration, concentration and mixing in whole beneficiation process.

2.Cement Equipment

LIBO has the design and manufacturing capabilities of all equipment in the cement production line, such as conveying, feeding, crushing, material field homogenization, raw material vertical milling, rotary kiln, cement mill and grate cooler .

3.Bulk Material Equipment

Based on advanced technology, LIBO has developed stacker- reclaimer, ship unloader, and long-distance, large-capacity high-strength belt conveyor that widely used in port, cement,power plant, coal, steel, and chemical industries etc.


4.Conveying Equipment

Location:Adriyala India
Material: Coal
Belt Width: 1600 mm
Capacity: 3500 t/h
Length: 8460 m
Power: 4*315 kw

5.EPC Project(Engineering Procurement Construction)-Mine/Cement/Aggregate Line

In addition to producing mining equipment, LIBO also carries out mining development and cooperation.At present,LIBO Grouphas invested in some great potential projects at home and abroad,such as the Project for the Development and Utilization ofthe Limestone Mine of China Yangtze River Mining, D.R.Congo Limestone Mine,Cement Plant and Power Plant, D.R.Congo Copper Mine,D.R.Congo Gold Mine and Indonesian Aggregate Plant,etc. Meanwhile,LIBO Group also undertakes equipment manufacturing,operation and maintenance of some ports,mines,cement plants and power plants projects. With regard to the abovescope of services,LIBO sincerely hopes that the allk-round cooperation in many fields with worldwide customers, and expects to give you a most satisfactory solution.




Market Footprint

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Qingdao Taifeng Cable Co., Ltd

Qingdao Taifeng Cable Co., Ltd Details

Company Introduction:

Qingdao Taifeng Cable Co., Ltd is the branch of Taifeng Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. Taifeng is founded in 1985. It is one of the large-scale wire and cable enterprises in North China. Our company has passed EU certification, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification. Our products can meet the international standard(IEC), British standards(BS), German standards(DIN) and American standards(ASTM).
Cooperation Intention:Electricity Company, Power and Energy Company, Engineering Company, Construction Company 


Main Products: power cable, mining cable, overhead cable, control cable, nuclear power plant cable, pre-branch cable, fire resistant flame retardant cable, photovoltaic cable, charging pile cable, Aluminum alloy cable,other special cable, building wire, etc. In particular, low-smoke, halogen-free, high-temperature and low-temperature resistant cables will be the key products of our future development.



Partial Projects

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Shandong Province Heng' ao Industrial CO.,LTD

Shandong Province Heng' ao Industrial CO.,LTD Details

Company Introduction:

Shandong Province Heng' ao Industrial CO.,LTD was established in 2016 and is located in Qingzhou, a beautiful city of Shandong Province. The company situated in the northern economic development zone, near Qinglan, Changshen expressway Jiaoji Railway from the north and NO.309 national road from the south that made the trade road very convenient. The company covers an area of 200.000M and owns more than 300 employees. It has an annual output value of 500 million RMB. Company relying on the advantage of Qingzhou mechanical processing base, absorbing the world advanced production technology and management concept, set research and development sales and service as a whole.

The main products and operation: 10-3000Kw generators(for land and marine purposes), diesel generators(main brand include Shangchai, Jichai, Yuchai, Volve, Perkins, etc),Gas generators, diesel engine supporting facilitiesfbatter, radiator, oil cooler):Agent Jichai series 190 diesel engines and accessories.

Our company use advanced technology make the product structure designs more reasonable, low noise, quick start, durable, reliable performance. We do various performance indicators for the unit carries on the strict inspection, to ensure that the product factory qualified rate reaches 100%.At the same time the company has formed a special strict after-sales service system, have after-sales service station in national regions, solved the trouble back at home of the broad masses of customers at home and abroad.

Over the years, the company in line with "the quality for this, a down-to-earth attitude". provided quality which customers required, constantly improved, provided customers with first-class service. The company has been honored as Shandong Fishing Vessels and Fishery Machinery Association, Shandong machinery industry association of "11th five-year plan" for energy conservation and emissions reduction model enterprise, Shandong mechanical industry resources economical model enterprise, credible and honest company, etc.

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Shandong Dynamic Technology Co. Ltd

Shandong Dynamic Technology Co. Ltd Details

Company Introduction:

Shandong Dynamic Technology Co. Ltd is an enterprise specialize in all kind of battery and battery technology, the products include automotive battery, motorcycle battery, Lithium battery,storage battery and industrial battery. The products is popular used in different range such as car, truck, motorcycle and equipment engine start; forklift or traction battery, electrical power, solar power or wind power system; UPS system; telecomunication & communication base station, house lighting system; and electric tools.


  • Car & Truck Battery.
  • Motorcycle Battery.
  • OPzV & OPzS.
  • Forklift & Traction
  • GFM/6-GFM
  • Dry battery & Lithium Battery

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Shandong Aipurui Group

Shandong Aipurui Group Details

Company Introduction:

Shandong Aipurui Group was founded in 2008, head of Aipurui New material, Jianghai Chemical Industry, Pengzhan Building Material ESBS International Trade, and engaged in producing and importing and exporting business of $teel products, chemical industry and building material. The actual operating fund is are nearly one billion Chinese yuan, annual sales of 1 million tons of steel. It s the only manufacturer of thich steel plate with thickness from 0.12mm to 2.0mm in North of China, with qood reputation in the steel circulation, Our products have been operating to Europe, Africa and other countries in Southeast Asia. Aipurui color <oating production line using the German CLEMENS- automatic control system, introducing of American Khalifa production technology and technical equipment level, to reach the domestic advanced level, all raw materials are all imported, to ensure high quality products. Compared to standard oven with 40m and its production oven length is 60m, to extend the Curing time, $0 that products to achieve high weather resistance, self cleaning, anti-aging, anti fading characteristics. Painting room with seven coating machines, while the ordinary production plant has only four, the realization of the true meaning of double coated double bake ending the history of without double sides paiting history In North of China .One machine with multi functions can produce color coated plate, printing plate, camouflage plate, pearl panels, aluminum plate, color plate (corrugated board), net.

Aipurui New Materials Co., Ltd can produce thickness of 0.12mm-2.0mm and width of 600mm-1500mm of the color coated steel plate, color coated &teel plate is less harmful to the environment in the production process, and can be recycled, thus greatly reducing the environmental pollution, and lighter weight, can save the load-bearing structiire of materials, reduce the cost. According to the need of color coated sheet could be rolled to various shapes with different length, no overlap in the middle with advantage of easy processing, convenient construction,and good waterproof effect.

With more and more attention to environmental protection today* we insist the spirit of enterprise and social product symbiosis, symbiosis with the environment consciousness, Aipurui adopts the international advanced environmental protection clean air combustion system, the introduction of advanced concept of environmental protection, reducing pollution from the source generation, reduce energy consumption and material consumption, improve resource utilization, establish the first brand environment image. Modern production equipment, high-quality product quality, advanced management mode, sincere cooperation of the team spirit, more perfect marketing and after-sales service, the company won the trust and respect from customers around the world.

Stand in a new starting point to achreve a new leap forward. The core value of 'Love the world Benefit the world Serve the country Benefit the society' under the guidance of the view, with high morale and heroic courage, continue to write a new chapter for the development of aipuruiAipurui companies adhere to the 'advance courageously in case the river bridge" spirit of enterprise adhering to the ,people-oriented, technology first* business purposes, in accordance with the sense of service customer is always the first, to provide quality products and efficient service for customers, we are reday to cooperate with customers around the workd with mutual benefit.











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